Big Brother Big Sisters of the Capital Region has a new wellness initiative that goes far beyond the physical.
The “Grow Big, Grow Well” initiative partners bigs and littles with people in the community for two monthly sessions to learn about healthy living, whether it’s shopping at the grocery store or exercising.
But the program also focuses on their emotional and mental wellness. They will learn meditation and yoga and even participate in a drum circle.
Participants say this aspect of health is often overlooked.
“We don’t really stress that too often in our culture and society, but it’s far better to prevent a problem due to long-term stress than to try to correct it after it happens,” Big Brother Peter Scheer said.
“Kids are living in an environment with a lot of toxic stress in some cases and we’re living in a world where kids are having some real issues with anxiety,” said Maddie Young, president and CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Capital Region.
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