HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — When was the last time Midstate Pennsylvania saw houses sell as quickly, for as much money, as they’re selling now? Years ago? Decades ago?

“There’s never been a market like this,” said Wendell Hoover of Iron Valley Real Estate, whose business focuses on Harrisburg. “People are willing to pay more than they were willing to pay, and maybe overpay now for houses so that they can get one.”

Some of the trends are national.

“For a lot of people who have been renting, they’re like: ‘Well I can buy with the low-interest rates and pay less than I’m paying for my rent. Why wouldn’t I do that?” Hoover said.

But within that national context, why are Midstate homes selling more than twice as quickly as the U.S. average (in just six days compared to 14 in Harrisburg, according to Zillow?)

The area’s relatively low cost of living (even after prices have surged nearly 10 percent during the past year) helps. And more specifically, it’s a low-cost-of-living area within driving distance of more expensive cities, where a lot of workers’ jobs have become remote, in some cases for the long term. But some of those people’s employers have asked them not to move too far away, so they can visit the office for occasional meetings.

“D.C., Baltimore, Philly, New York — all those work for this,” Hoover said.

In Part two of “Moving to the Midstate,” abc27 News spoke to and met with recent arrivals who are now calling the Midstate home.