HERSHEY, Pa. (WHTM) — An astronomical experience for some Midstate students. An astronaut, from Central Pennsylvania, hosted a live lesson – shared from 227 nautical miles above Earth.

“I thought like the speaker is not going to even work, or the camera and stuff. Like he’s all the way up there and I don’t even know how even could hear us,” said Jedidiah Kpou, a student at Milton Hershey School.

NASA astronaut Bob Hines now calls the international space station home, while these captivated students on earth watched him closely.

“They got to see true science as it was taking place 20 miles above us at 17,000 miles an hour. We got to see zero gravity,” said Brett Stark, director of the curriculum at Milton Hershey School.

They asked questions ranging from “what tasks are easy on earth but hard in space” to “why” Hines decided to join NASA.

“I love airplanes and wanted to be a pilot and I was fortunate enough to become one and going into space was always that next step,” said Bob Hines.

His grandfather used to teach at the Milton Hershey School, and this connection is a homecoming of sorts. For his mom Lynne Hines,  it’s an opportunity to see her son do what he does best.

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“You don’t always get to see them in a different light, in the light that other people see them in, as somebody who’s really smart or doing something really great, and so when he’s at home he’s just bob,” said Lynne Hines Swider, astronaut’s mom.

From space, astronaut Bob, sparks inspiration below.

“If I put my mind to something, I can probably do it. I can do it,” said Jahmir Bailey, a student at Milton Hershey.