LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) – October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month which highlights those making a positive impact in the workforce.

Lancaster County is home to many businesses and organizations training and hiring people with disabilities.

“People just want to be a part of the system,” Jaclyn Nagle, the executive director for the Disability Empowerment Center said.

The center has heard positive feedback from people who were able to secure work.

Those with disabilities can still struggle to get a job, and United Disability Services (UDS) can help.

“We will help them with interview skills, make sure they have clothes to wear. We can help them fill out applications and actually look for leads or recommend places to look for leads,” Nadine Kuziemkowski, manager of vocational services with UDS said.

“Sometimes we do have employers who will call us and say that they have openings and then we may go back to that employer and say hey we have this perfect person for you,” Kuziemkowski said.

Plus, the businesses are in the county.

“Giant, Sodexo at Franklin and Marshall to many manufacturing places like McCombs to Sechan Electronics in Lititz,” Kuziemkowski said.

Add Goodwill to the list.

They give jobs to those with disabilities, and we asked them about their experience.

“Here at Goodwill they treat me great,” David Spencer said.

“I can put stuff out and put it on the sales floor. I’ve tagged items to be put out on the sales floor before,” Eugenea Graver said.

“Having a satisfied and happy customer is always what gives me pride and [makes me] happy at the end of the day,” Diante Robinson said.

Their hard work does not go unnoticed.

“People that we hire are a part of our team,” Goodwill store manager Janiece Fidler said. “They do everything that everyone else does.”

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