SUSQUEHANNA TOWNSHIP, Pa. (WHTM) — Most residents in a Susquehanna Township neighborhood are back home after a house was leveled by a gas explosion, but some are still waiting to be let back in.

The explosion on Crest Road happened around 9:30 on Tuesday morning. Officials say fire crews were called to the home after contractor Pronto punctured a gas line while digging. Firefighters evacuated the block and told people in the home and surrounding houses to get out.

“We were eating breakfast and then we hear this pounding on the door,” neighbor Hannah Zimmerman.

Zimmerman said she and her sister were home alone Tuesday when firefighters came to their door and told them they needed to leave and fast.

“My sister grabbed the coats, the keys, I grabbed the dog leashes, we ran outside,” she said.

Shortly after that, the house where the contractor was digging exploded. The blast blew out the windows of several nearby homes.

“Definitely just a big boom and we just saw the roof fly up and furniture go everywhere,” Zimmerman said.

She and her sister watched everything from down the street.

“Just all of a sudden, the house just went up in flames and then black smoke, it was like snowing debris,” she said.

Police said no one was inside the house which exploded, but two other people were injured and taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

As crews worked on the scene, neighbors were evacuated from their homes and invited to stay at a nearby church. More than 24 hours later, Zimmerman’s family is still not allowed to come home.

“We were able to get stuff, but they’re just making sure it’s structurally stable,” she said.

She said it is overwhelming trying to figure things out with her family.

“My sister and I, we still have to study. We’re up at church right now studying because we have a final tomorrow, so it’s just very hard to focus,” Zimmerman said.

Still, she said the most important thing is everyone keeping the family who lost their home in their prayers.

“They’re a really strong family, but they need prayers right now,” she said.

The home is leveled down to the basement. The Red Cross is helping the people who lived there.