ADAMS COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM) — A unique new solar project in Adams County is the first of its kind facility in Pennsylvania and only the second in the U.S.

The Heidlersburg solar project uses solar energy to help power a natural gas compressor station. It will significantly reduce emissions.

“The 2.5-megawatt facility helps to reduce emissions which is the equivalent of taking about 15,000 cars off the road,” Max Bergeron, manager of Stakeholder Relations, Enbridge, said.

That would be over the span of 25 years. So how exactly is that possible?

“The Heidlersburg compressor station uses two compressor units which are electrically driven, and the Heidlersburg solar project helps to feed solar energy into the station to help power the compressor units, which helps to reduce emissions from the facility and to make the carbon footprint lower,” Bergeron said.

The $6.5 million project by the energy delivery company Enbridge is built on about 11.5 acres. There are about 8,200 solar panels.

“Pennsylvania has produced a number of policies and measures to seek to lower carbon emissions and this facility will be very much in line with broader goals towards decarbonization,” Bergeron said. “This facility will help us to make our operations much more sustainable and demonstrates that natural gas and renewables can work together.”

Enbridge has 15 to 20 more facilities like this under consideration across North America.