HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — A bill in the Pennsylvania Senate could require health insurance companies to cover donor breast milk and ban the sale of human milk online in Pennsylvania.

Mother’s Milk Bank collects milk from volunteer donors, screens it to assure its safety, and then gets it to babies who need it.

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Most babies will not require human milk donations. But for those who do, it can be life or death.

Annette Kubalek, a mother, thinks that breast milk donations could have saved her son Owen’s life. Unfortunately, Kubalek didn’t know donor milk existed until after her son, who was born prematurely, died at eight days old.

“When Owen was in the NICU he was not offered donor breast milk as a bridge and I hope that changes because he might still be here today,” said Kubalek.

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The bill was named in Owen’s memory.