EAST LAMPETER TOWNSHIP, Pa. (WHTM) – Traffic in Lancaster continues to be an issue at its peak hours of the day. Well, a new roadway is expected to help relieve some of those concerns.

The Walnut Street Extension is a 1.2-mile road that connects a growing Greenfield community with U.S. Route 30 and Lancaster City.

Greenfield Road has been swamped with traffic over the years, and more people are about to be living in the area.

“We’ve got a 628-unit community that’s designed and in the final stages of getting its building permit and site work has already broken ground,” said Tony Seitz, the Vice President of Development for High Associates.

The extension also has a bike and walking path that spans over a mile. East Lampeter Township Supervisor John Blowers believes the community will embrace the path.

“The community is going to come out here and take advantage of this,” said Blowers.

The extension is expected to reduce in-peak traffic by an estimated 30-40 percent. It’s also anticipated to divert approximately 700-800 vehicles per hour from the Greenfield Road corridor.

“We look forward to this asset being added to Lancaster County’s transportation network and the asset includes that trail which is spectacular,” said Michael Carroll, a transportation Secretary for PennDOT.