NORTH CORNWALL TOWNSHIP, Pa. (WHTM) — Three days after the suspension of a township police officer in connection to the riots at the United States Capitol, the North Cornwall Township Boards of Supervisors say Chief John Leahy has been placed on administrative leave.

The board says following the FBI arrest of suspended police officer Joe Fischer, North Cornwall Township Police began an investigation into the events on Jan. 6 and the proceeding weeks. As a result of the ongoing investigation and until the conclusion, township supervisors have temporarily placed Cheif Leahy on administrative leave with pay.

Investigators found an exchange where Fischer claims Leahy “said something” to him about the incident. Fischer wrote, “I told him I have no regrets.”

That exchange contradicts a statement given by the police department saying, “no township official had any kind of knowledge of Fischer’s actions prior to his arrest.”

Sargent Harry Ward has been appointed by the board to act as interim officer in charge of the police department.

The board said it, “wishes to express its confidence in the members of its Police Department who continue to provide public safety services to the Township’s residents, regardless of recent events.”

Additionally, the board expresses its gratitude to its residents as it, “works to ensure that all appropriate questions are asked and measures undertaken to protect the continuing professionalism of the police department.”