(WHTM) — When abc27 first met Wesley Somers he was just eight years old, and he shared why he loves his mom Tricia so much.

“Nice loving, and gentle, pretty much,” Wesley said.

Wesley’s love stayed strong even though his time with his mom was running out. Somers, a single mom, was fighting liver cancer and worried about what would happen to her son if she passed away.

“He’s the only thing I got and now I have to leave him and I feel bad for that,” said Somers.

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Tricia turned to her nurse, Tricia Seaman, for help. “Frantically I said to Tricia, ‘If I die can you take my son, can you care for my son,'” Somers said.

Seaman took Somers’ request to her husband. “I think my jaw just kind of dropped to the floor,” said Seaman.

“In 20 years I have never had an occasion not to trust my wife’s heart, and she called, ‘We’ve got to do something, we got to figure out a way to make this happen,'” Dan Seaman, Tricia’s husband, said.

The Seaman family invited Wesley and his om to live with them, building a new family and memories together.

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“I didn’t have anybody until now, anybody except you mommy,” eight-year-old Wesley said.

When Tricia died in 2014 the Seaman family was there for Wesley and has been ever since.

“I think she would be happy with how things turned out. I think it’s going exactly how she wanted it to, and Tricia has helped to fulfill her wishes,” now 16-year-old Wesley said.

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“We’ve just absolutely loved raising him and being a part of his life. It’s been a blessing and a joy,” Seaman added.