(WHTM)– A building that once helped the men and women who helped America during World War II will now serve a new purpose.

“It’s a beautiful building, I really like this vintage 1940s World War 2 building and we wanted to update it and preserve the history that’s there while modernizing it,” said Katy Bottcher, Director of Operation Miller Investments.

Decades after its last renovation the historic 27-acre World War-era property in Middletown, which supported the U.S. Army Air Corps supply and service depot is getting a modern-day facelift.

“I believe it’s going to be a very vibrant building, with a new additional base of employees. It’s going to be incredibly good for the community with more opportunities for employment, and more commerce due to the higher activity. I think it’s just an enhancement overall a win-win for everybody,” said Ira Miller, Principal and Managing Member, of Miller Investments.

The building will now serve as a warehouse, logistics, and distribution center with new and updated loading dock areas, newly replaced windows and lighting while maintaining its historical features.

“We have you know such gratitude for what our veterans have done throughout the history of our time to be involved with the building that was I suppose instrumental in the war effort for World War 2, It’s just a great feeling for us and that’s one of the reasons we’ve tried to preserve the historical features,” said Miller.

And for Managing Member Ira Miller, it’s also a reminder of those who used this building before him and the world-saving work they did here.

“I think it brings back fond memories for the most part and it shows that what they’ve done through the years is meaningful and here we are it’s a place they could visit or think about,” said Miller.

Some renovations have been completed, but more are still to come. To use this facility or for more information about it visit AirDepotPA.com.