(WHTM) — Monday’s hometown hero received big honors from local attorneys today.

May 1 is “Law day,” and the York County Bar Association announced the winner of this year’s Liberty Bell Award.

“Logos Academy” CEO Aaron Anderson was this year’s recipient.

The award goes to a non-attorney volunteer in the community who encourages everyone to respect the legal system and take an active role in the justice system. Anderson is an ordained minister who serves on several boards addressing opioid abuse, child abuse, and education.

“The work that we have been able to do is a collaborative work, so there’s no such thing as a one-person collaboration, it’s a testimony to the work of a lot of people in this community, so in many respects, this award should really be going to a whole lot of people,” said Anderson.

Most recently, Anderson helped coordinate the effort to build a camera network that will combat gun violence in York City.