(WHTM) – abc27 has an update on a story we first reported yesterday about the Midstate’s latest Emu on the loose.

abc27 has now met with the Emu’s people and learned his name.

A Boiling Springs area couple is serious about getting their baby back, a big “baby” now.

The emu’s name is “Blue” and Blue was actually one of three hatchlings.

Blue belongs to Shelby and John Gribble.

abc27 caught up today with John Gibble at a work site. He said the Gribbles appreciate everything everyone is trying to do to capture Blue and bring him home, but at this point, Blue is so scared that they’re asking us all to actually do less.

John Gribble said, “So if you see the emu on your property or on the road, just let him be because they always come back to their pen. but now what’s happening is everybody’s pushing them so far away that, I mean, the other day he was almost in Carlisle and I live in Boiling Springs, so he’s traveling.”

Including the Dillsburg area of York County, where folks abc27 met yesterday saw him.

Blue’s people think the chance of successfully capturing him is so low that we’re better off hanging back and letting him relax and find his own way home.