(WHTM) – Livestock will once again be available for sale at the 2023 PA Farm Show as part of the Farm Show Junior Livestock Sale.

The Future Farmers of America Organization and 4-H prepare the three-day show with market livestock. The show begins at the start of the PA Farm Show with the Sale of Champions and Junior Market Animal/Livestock sale on January 10 at 9:30 a.m. in the Small/Sale Arena.

Bidders in the show will support the youth who then invest the money into their education or their herds and flocks.

The PA Farm Show says purchasing livestock at the Junior Livestock Sale is cheaper than purchasing meat in the store, buyers will know where their food comes from and who raised it, and you can also benefit the next generation.

Before you place a bid in the Junior Livestock Sale, potential buyers should know and consider several things.

One important thing to know is if you have enough freezer space to store your meat. The PA Farm Show says anyone who purchases a steer will have 450-500 pounds of beef. Purchasing a hog will result in 120-150 pounds of pork products such as bacon, sausage, or ham.

A sheep will produce 40-55 pounds of lamb, a goat will have 35 pounds of meat, and rabbits sold by the pen will have 3-4 pounds each.

Buyers should also have a preferred butcher shop to take their animals for handling harvesting and fabrication. If you do not have a butcher shop, the PA Farm Show says you should contact your county Penn State Extension office.

If you purchase a hog, all of them must go directly to harvest with pre-approval of trucking and harvest facilities.

If you don’t have a livestock trailer, your butcher shop or the exhibitor you plan to purchase from may be able to help find a hauler.

Anyone with questions is asked to contact the PA Farm Show’s livestock office at 717-787-2905.

The annual Sale of Champions and Jr. Market Livestock Sale at the 2022 Pennsylvania Farm Show
generated more than $385,025, including purchases and donations.

In 2022 the Grand Champion Jr. Market Steer fetched $23,000 to buyers Giant Foods and Bell & Evans. The Grand Champion Jr. Market Lamb fetched $6,000 from the New Holland Sale Stables. The Grand Champion Youth Rabbit Meat Pen received $2,700 and the Grand Champion Jr. Market Goat received $6,700.

According to the PA Farm Show, 33 buyers donated their animals to Feeding Pennsylvania to be distributed to food-insecure families across the state.

Visitors to the PA Farm Show can also visit the PA Livestock Association’s brisket stand located in the Food Court Annex outside the Small Arena. The menu consists of roast pit beef sandwiches, pork BBQ, hot ham BBQ, boneless ribs, pork, hot dogs, cheesesteaks, and more.

All proceeds support the youth livestock industry and related organizations such as 4-H, FFA, and collegiate livestock groups.