(WHTM) — Pennsylvania’s Republican nominee for Governor, Doug Mastriano, was back in the national spotlight last weekend after a picture surfaced showing him wearing a Confederacy soldier uniform.

The picture was taken in 2014 when Mastriano was on the faculty at the Army War College where members were told to dress as historical figures. Mastriano was the only one to choose a confederate uniform in the picture.

“The confederacy fought because they did not want to abolish slavery by him wearing that uniform,” said Democratic Lt. Governor nominee Austin Davis. “It’s deeply offensive to people who look like me frankly.”

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In a statement, the War College said that in 2020 a team was created to assess all images being displayed at the school for appropriateness. The picture of Mastriano was one of the images removed.

“The faculty photo did not get the team’s attention; the photo has since been removed because it does not meet AWC values.”

Mastriano has not responded to requests for comment, however, on Twitter, his campaign attorney Jenna Ellis called it a “media meltdown” and that Mastriano has a Ph.D. in History.

“The left wants us to ignore history. Mastriano wants us to learn from it,” said Ellis.

According to Mastriano’s website, he attended the University of New Brunswick, Canada where he received a Doctor of History degree. He retired as a Colonel in the United States Army after serving tours in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Europe.

A state senator, Mastriano’s district includes Gettysburg Battlefield, which welcomes thousands of re-enactors wearing both Union and Confederate uniforms and hosts stores that sell both Union and Confederate items.

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Democratic gubernatorial nominee Josh Shapiro tweeted Mastriano “wore the uniform of traitors who fought to defend slavery” and that Mastriano is “unfit to be Governor.”