RAPHO TOWNSHIP, Pa. (WHTM) — The Pennsylvania Renassaince Faire opened this weekend for its 40th season.

The crowds are lighter than usual, but that’s by design.

An announcement from the loudspeaker said “Wear your face coverings at all times except when eating or drinking. Practice responsible social distancing.”

The Faire is only allowing 4,000 guests, well below their 50% capacity. You have to buy your tickets online in advance.

“We pay attention to the other PA amusement theme parks and asked them what have you changed, what are you doing, what’s working, what’s not working? And I think that is why I felt confident to open,” said managing partner Scott Bowser.

Bowser says masks are required and the security team is making sure people adhere to the policy.

They’ve also made their own hand sanitizer at their distillery for people to use.

“I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. Everything was super clean. They took care of everything. Everyone was walking around with masks on,” said Tiffany Virginio.

They typically have performers in the street interacting with guests, but because of COVID, many of those acts have been moved to stages.

“We’ve been coming here three years. We love it because it’s fun for our son to be able to run around, enjoy some of the scenes that happen, some of the rides that they have around,” said Shelby Cochran.

This year celebrating four decades of entertainment, Bowser says he’s happy to give many performers from across the country a job during this difficult time.

“We’re just trying to give people some joy in their lives and I think that is what our responsibility is as an entertainment venue and I think we’re delivering on that,” Bowser said.

The Renassaince Faire is open Monday for Labor Day and then Every Saturday and Sunday after that through November 1.

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