HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Day 3 of the 2023 PA Farm Show had a lot to offer, buy, and see – with so much going on, it can be really easy to miss some of the vendors while you’re making your way around the complex. Here are some of the things you may have missed today!

On Point Adventure Foods:

Founded in July 2022 by Sabrina Beal and based out of Somerset County – On Point Adventure Foods specializes in freeze drying foods for any of your outdoor hiking, camping, and hunting needs. From a full spaghetti meal to sweet candies, vegetables, fruits and more – On Point Adventure Foods has you covered. Once the meals or candies are freeze dried and packaged, they weigh next to nothing, and can be stored very easily. To bring the frozen meals back to life, just add boiling water and enjoy!

Pottery by S. Keaton:

Pottery by S. Keaton, AKA Steve Keaton of Elliottsburg, Pennsylvania, put on a live, in-person pottery demonstration for passersby on Day 3 of the 2023 Farm Show, while also displaying some of his currently available work. All of the products that Keaton created are hand-turned and hand-made – additionally the products are all dishwasher, oven, microwave, and food safe.

Check out the video below to see Keaton live and in-action:

Drumstick Artist, Georgie LeHoop:

A love of drumming, and a passion for painting – put those two things together and you have Georgie LeHoop’s Drumstick Art! From t-shirts, canvases, coasters, cymbals, vinyl records, and more – Georgie LeHoop from Saint Clair, Pennsylvania has what you need! LeHoop has about 58 years of drumming experience under his belt and has been painting with drumsticks for the past 21 years. If you’re interested in owning some of LeHoops unique, and original artwork you can visit his online store here or visit him at the Farm Show all this week.

Chatty Monks Brewing Company:

This Reading-based brewing company isn’t known for just one style or flavor of beer – they are an experimental jack-of-all-trades! Chatty Monk Brewing Co. has been around since 2012, but recently came under new ownership about a year and a half ago.

“This is like a new life for Chatty Monks,” Marketing Director of Chatty Monks Ryan Berkis said.

Chatty Monks has a wide variety of unique flavors, such as their Chocolate Pretzel Stout, Pretzel Lager, their Mexican-style Horchata Beer, and a lot more! Chatty Monks is also very well known for its collaborations with other local Reading-based businesses, such as there collaboration with Unique Snacks, which helped them to create their special pretzel brews. This Pennsylvania brewing company plans on expanding their distribution to Weis Markets, Giant, and Sheetz at some point next year – keep an eye out!

Brothersvalley FFA Honey Extraction Demonstration:

Brothersvalley, which is a chapter of Future Farms of America (FFA) based out of Berlin, Pennsylvania, took the stage this afternoon to give a presentation that they named “Oh Honey, I’m Home,” which explained to Farm Show attendees the step-by-step process of how to properly and safely extract honey from honeycombs.

The process starts with suiting up in the all-white beekeeping suite, which is purposefully white in color to naturally calm the bees down. Then, the student presenters began to break down the “Hive Body,” which is the white box that houses the entire honeybee colony. While breaking down the box, they use a smoker which tricks the bees into thinking they are on fire, so in response they focus on eating all their honey instead of focusing on the Beekeeper. The presenters then explained how to utilize a hot knife to scrape the hardened “wax caps” off of the honeycomb to allow the honey to run freely. The next step is to place the honeycombs into the “Honey Extractor” which will spin the honeycombs around, and free all the sweet honey using centrifugal force. Beekeepers can then collect all of the honey at the bottom of the metal extractor.

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