HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — The PA Farm Show is more than just food and animals, the show also provides events and programs to better the lives of Pennsylvania farmers.

On Sunday, The AgriSafe network, which is a nonprofit that works to educate others on the health and safety of those working in the agriculture industry held an information session.

The network provides a resource called the AgriStress Helpline, which is a hotline to provide mental health crisis response. This hotline is staffed by mental health professionals that are trained and respond to agricultural communities.

“We have a grant and funding that is bringing programming to help minimize the stigma and help educate health professionals to better understand the culture of ag and the unique needs. Help educate the lay public and youth. So, really promoting normal conversation about mental health and better understanding the barriers that may exist so that we can move forward and address some of those barriers,” Total Farmer health Coach Allison Maloney said.

Other resources that the AgriSafe network can be found by clicking here.

The number for the hotline is 833-897-2474 and can be accessed at any time of day by calling or texting it.