HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Four dairy farms from Lebanon, Lancaster, Juniata, and Franklin/Adams counties will be a part of the Calving Corner at the 2023 Pennsylvania Farm Show.

The Calving Corner is an exhibit at the PA Farm Show where visitors can witness the dairy birthing process and meet newborn calves. The exhibit will take place from Jan. 7 to Jan. 15 and is part of the “Destination Dairy” Northeast Hall at the Pennsylvania Farm Show.

The Destination Dairy exhibit hall will highlight several of the state’s dairy farm families.

According to the Center of Dairy Excellence, Pennsylvania is home to more than 5,200 dairy farm families, nearly 40 dairy processing companies, and a wide array of small dairy creameries as well as artisan cheese makers. All but 1% of dairy farms in Pennsylvania are family owned.

Four dairy farms from across the Midstate will be part of the Calving Corner at the 2023 Pennsylvania Farm Show.

Cedar Pine Farms owned by the Rotz family of Franklin and Adams counties

Courtesy of the Center for Dairy Excellence

Cedar Pine Farms, which is located in Franklin and Adams counties, is family operated. The Rotz family, consisting of husband and wife Milton and Stacey, and their son Dylan, run the farm. The farm has been in the family since 1940, when Milton’s grandfather founded the farm.

The Rotz family and their dedicated team are committed to providing clean water, nutritious feed, and comfortable housing for their 1,200 cows.

The family has been expanding the farm and is providing opportunities for the fourth generation to join the family business.

Milk from Cedar Pine Farm cows can be found in Rutter’s Milk, Land O’Lakes butter and cheese, and Maola dairy products.

S&A Kreider and Sons owned by the Kreider family of Quarryville, Lancaster County

Courtesy of the Center for Dairy Excellence

This modern dairy farm was founded over 100 years ago in 1918. The farm is owned by third and fourth generations of the Kreider family, which includes family members Ellis, Nathan, Scott, and Herb.

S&A Kreider and Sons has a total of 1,800 Holstein cows. In order to care for nearly 2,000 cows, a total of 15 family members work on the farm, alongside a team of employees.

The cows are fed with crops that are grown on the farm. There is an on-farm methane digester that converts manure and methane gas into electricity that is used to power the farm and recycled solids are used for bedding.

You can find S&A Kreider and Sons’ milk in TruMoo chocolate milk, as well as Land O’Lakes dairy products.

Zugstead Farm owned by the Zug family of Mifflintown, Juniata County

Courtesy of the Center for Dairy Excellence

In 1979, Dina and Art Zug returned to Dina’s home farm located in Juniata County. They began Zugstead Farm and now their sons, Joe and Dan, oversee the daily operations. Art, Dina, and their sister Leslie, along with a team of employees, provide assistance to run the farm.

The farm has a total of 750 cows, and they always come first at Zugstead Farm. The family focuses on providing the highest quality of care for their calves, heifers, and cows. The animals are provided with nutritious feed and clean water. They are kept in a calm, comfortable, and clean environment and treated with the highest standards of care.

The Zugs strive to produce high-quality milk at their farm by being the best caretakers they possibly can.

Milk from Zugstead Farm is found in fresh Land O’Lakes dairy products.

Furnace Hill Holsteins owned by the Krall and Heistand families of Lebanon County

Joe Krall and his family operate Furnace Hill Holsteins on the Lebanon County farm that was started by his parents, Tom and Shirley Krall.

The family believes that elite genetics, comfortable and contented cows, and dedicated employees are the keys to success for the farm.

Justin Heistand, who is one of the key employees, manages the Elizabethtown herd of Furnace Hill Holsteins.

The Kralls, the Heistands, and their families all strive to be the best caretakers they possibly can be. The families initialize conservation methods to ensure high-quality feed for their 450 cows.

The farm and the cows are livelihood and legacy for the families of Furnace Hill Holsteins. Family members Joel and Justin agree it is a great place to raise a family.

Milk from Furnace Hill Holsteins is found in fresh Land O’Lakes dairy products.