HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — We all have our favorite PA Farm Show food, however there is one that the Midstate likes a bit more than all the other options.

abc27 ran a poll during the 2023 PA Farm Show, asking viewers to let us know what their favorite PA Farm Show food is. We received nearly 300 responses; however, two PA Farm Show foods were extremely close. At the end of the day, one reigned supreme.

The people have spoken, and the Midstate’s favorite PA Farm Show food is…

Fried mozzarella cubes!

According to our unscientific poll, the fried mozzarella cubes were 25% of voters’ favorite PA Farm Show food!

Coming in a close second were the Farm Show milkshakes, which won over 24% of votes.

abc27 also ran another poll asking viewers what their favorite milkshake flavor was. The winning flavor isn’t really a flavor at all.

The Midstate’s favorite Farm Show milkshake flavor was any variation of a mixed milkshake. A total of 28% of voters chose the mixed milkshake option. Twenty-six percent of voters voted for orange cream, 24% voted for chocolate, and 22% voted for vanilla.

Here is a full list of the data collected from our favorite PA Farm Show food poll:

  • 25% – Fried mozzarella cubes
  • 24% – Farm Show milkshakes
  • 11% – Potato donuts
  • 6% – Breaded mushrooms
  • 6% – Something else (a food we didn’t have listed)
  • 5% – Batter-dipped vegetables
  • 4% – Baked potato/baked sweet potato
  • 3% – Blended mushroom steakhouse burger
  • 3% – Pulled pork sandwich/nachos
  • 2% – Chicken tenders
  • 2% – Fried pickles
  • 2% – Portabella mushroom nachos
  • 2% – Pizza
  • 1% – Soup (broccoli cheese, chicken corn, cream of mushroom, vegetable, etc.)
  • 1% – Chicken breast sandwich