WASHINGTON, D.C. (WHTM) — On Wednesday, Leo Brent Bozell IV, of Palmyra, Pa. was charged with obstructing an official proceeding, entering a restricted building and disorderly conduct in connection to the U.S. Capitol riot on Jan. 6.

According to the FBI affidavit, on Jan. 14 a tipster submitted information online including a screenshot of a Twitter video of Bozell walking out of the Capitol building. When the tipster was interviewed on Jan. 19 by the FBI, they told the agent Bozell “was wearing a red and white hat and a blue sweatshirt with the writing ‘Hershey Christian Academy’ across the front while exiting the U.S. Capitol building.” The affidavit states the tipster was affiliated with the same school as Bozell’s children, Hershey Christian Academy.

Additionally, the agent assigned to Bozell’s case reviewed video footage from C-SPAN showing rioters inside the Senate chamber on Jan. 6. Bozell was identified in that footage for his hat and Hershey Christian Academy sweatshirt.

While in the Senate chamber, Bozell is seen jumping over a rail as a crowd chanted treason. Documents also show that he purposely moved a security camera to prevent it from recording rioters.

Despite claims that Bozell was a girl’s basketball coach for Hershey Christian Academy, the school denied those claims saying he is not nor ever was affiliated with the private central Pennsylvania school in a Facebook post on Wednesday afternoon.

As for Bozell wearing a sweatshirt with the school’s logo on it, Hershey Christian Academy said, “Our school has been cast in an unwarranted negative light.  Our staff members have been harassed. The parents of our students are concerned.”

However, abc27 News confirmed that Bozell was a volunteer basketball coach in 2019 for St. Joan of Arc in Hershey.

“His alleged actions at our nation’s Capitol last month in no way reflect the teachings of the Catholic Church. We extend our prayers to all those injured and to the families of those who lost their lives,” Father Al Sceski said.

Bozell is the son of a prominent conservative activist, Brent Bozell, as well. On Jan. 6, he tweeted “99% of the protesters today were justifiably outraged – and peaceful. 1% were reprehensible. But I can tell you with 100% confidence that the 99% peaceful protesters will be completely ignored by our leftist news media.”