(WHTM)– Adult patients at Hershey Medical Center have a new four-legged superhero helping them heal, and his name is Thor, Penn State Health’s newest addition to the Facility Dog Program.

“Everybody is so thrilled to have him I know we’ve seen some of the dogs in the Children’s Hospital to see him on the adult side nursing staff cleaning staff you know all the kitchen staff people are just impatience right They kind of give me a little call as I’m going down the hallway to try to get his attention,” Thor’s Primary Handler at Penn State Health Hershey Medical Center Janelle Krantz said.

Thor assists patients with dementia, memory loss, and patients undergoing treatment in the cancer institute. It’s part of the Hershey i-Move initiative. A program created for patient recovery.

“Those are specifically trained for the hospital environment so they are already well mannered in the sense that they will look for people that are in a stressful situation right they want to get close to you they want to lean on you they want you to touch or like pet them right so they can feel with you,” Krantz said.

Thor is the first dog dedicated to adult patients, The facility dog program is separate from the pet therapy program in the children’s hospital, but he is still considered a full-time employee and is the 5th dog to join the team.

“No matter what age right we all have different reasons for why dog facility dog therapy is a good thing right because it’s a way to console it’s a way to you know just give you a sense of you are who you are and you’re more than your diagnosis you’re more than your injury,” said Krantz.

Although it is only, the third day…he is warming the hearts of everyone he meets.

“I have to say just seeing him go around and create smiles on everybody’s faces or give them a reason to feel good it kind of lights me up too,” Krantz said.