Penn state health’s caregivers have a new furry support system, and she has made quite an impact in her first week.

Skye, a golden retriever recently joined Penn state health facility’s dog program, and her job? To support her co-workers when they need it most.

“It’s been apparent right away like we’ll walk through the hospital and people will look down and see a dog and instantly their face is brightened and in a hospital setting where often whether you’re a patient or a staff person things can be really challenging and hospital staff,” said Laura Ramsey, staff-assigned Champlain for Children’s Hospital.

Skye, alongside her handler, will provide comfort to caregivers, help them deal with stress, and assist with routine visits to clinical units to check in on caregivers.

“We’re hopeful that sky can be that for people during their day I’ve already seen her walk onto a unit and everyone just gets a smile on their face which lowers their heart rate right which regulates their breathing which helps them feel calmer and then without a doubt they say you know this made my day,” said Kelly Fuddy, staff assigned chaplain for Milton S. Hershey Medical Center.

The Children’s Hospital became the first hospital in pa to establish this program in 2016, and since then Skye is the 5th dog to be a part of the program. Now, Kaia, Pilot, Captain, and Skye are all full-time employees.

“It’s one extra tool you know one extra thing just in the midst of a really chaotic or stressful day to be able to see sky pet sky have her support to help get through some of these really challenging times,” said Laura.

And after a long workday, Skye gets to go to her new home with her handler. Even though Skye is the first dog to only supports employees and caregivers, she still receives attention from everyone.

“I think just bringing sky and helping to open up those doors might open the flow of conversation might allow us to dig a little deeper or at least even just stay in the room a bit longer to be able to start having those conversations,” said Ramsey.