(WHTM) — This storm was the first test of how PennDOT would manage with a shortage of snow plow and salt truck drivers. The verdict?

Things seemed to go pretty well. PennDOT says it did a good job managing the resources it does have and admits it got a little lucky. The storm hit overnight when few drivers were on the roads and it didn’t hump too much snow or last too long.

“Our concerns are more a longer duration storm. Something that may go on for quite some time and dump significant amounts of snow, like we’re talking you know six to 12 inches or more. Then it could be a little bit dicey in terms of, we’ll pull people off smaller routes, put them on the priority routes,” PennDOT spokesperson Fritzi Schreffler said.

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Those are highways and what PennDOT calls “highway lookalikes” like portions of Route 30 that are similar to a highway.