HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Shovels and snowblowers are flying out of stores right now. PennDOT has its game plan ready.

Most main roads are clear from any snow or ice, but in a lot of places, there’s still some slush leftover, especially in parking lots like this one.

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You’ll want to make sure to clear that out because it will certainly refreeze as the temperature drops tonight.

Sunday’s storm will be the biggest snowfall we’ve seen so far this winter and people are getting prepared.

“You know it’s coming. We don’t get many of them. We’ve been blessed the last couple of years with just one or two major ones,” said Jonathan Hart.

At Hornung’s Ace Hardware, inventory has been hard to keep in stock.

“The last couple days, I think right up to the storm we’re going to be very busy. Lots of people coming in for salt, shovels, snowblowers. We’re almost sold out of almost everything,” said Jason Hornung, owner of Hornung’s Ace Hardware.

Besides salt and shovels, snowblowers are a big-ticket item and somewhat hard to find.

“I got a power (snowblower) so I don’t have to worry about gas or whatever. I got it ahead of time so I’m ready for the snow and I’m just feeling good about being ready,” Hart said.

As for the main roads, PennDOT officials held meetings Friday to discuss a plan of action.

“Right now we have a few counties that are out pre-treating mostly the interstates and trouble areas which would be bridges, overpasses, some of the less-traveled roads where there may still be some ice, snow on the ground,” said Fritzi Schreffler, PennDOT District 8 safety press officer.

But overall, it’s more of a waiting game for the snow to fall.

“There’s not a lot of pretreatment that’s going to be done simply because there is enough residual on the ground. If you take a look at it you can see kind of a white layer,” Schreffler said.

Crews are getting ready to hit the roads in 12-hour shifts starting sometime Sunday afternoon.

“The silver lining is going to be once again, an overnight kind of storm and a holiday for many people on Monday,” Schreffler said.

For the latest speed and vehicle restrictions, visit 511PA.com.