PENNSYLVANIA (WHTM) — As winter approached, abc27 reporters and other news outlets shared stories about a looming shortage of snowplow drivers. Well, the Midstate received its first snowfall of the season on Monday, and PennDOT says luckily, it was just a light snow.

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“We really didn’t have any problems to speak of, basically because the duration of the storm was not long,” said Dave Thompson, PennDOT District 8 press officer.

And even while the snow was falling, it fell at a moderate rate. But what happens if either or both of those things are different the next time it snows?

“I think that’s when we’re going to run into some challenges in staffing. We might have crews out there for a 12-hour shift, and they have to go home and rest,” Thompson said. And when those crews head home, there may not be enough drivers for the next 12-hour shift.

Needless to say, “We’re still hiring,” Thompson said. PennDOT has 76 temporary positions and 48 permanent ones open. Those interested in applying for the open positions can learn more here.