(WHTM) — The Pennsylvania Attorney General’s office is calling on solar lending companies to suspend repayment for pink energy customers with non-working solar systems.

Josh Shapiro’s office joined eight other Attorneys General in sending a letter to Dividend Solar Finance, GoodLeap, Cross Riverbank, Sunlight Financial, and Solar Mosaic asking them to suspend loan payments and the accrual of interest for customers who financed the purchase of a solar power system from Pink Energy and have not received a working solar power system. 

The Attorney General’s office says they are also pushing lenders to assist Pink Energy customers who are experiencing issues.

Attorney General Shapiro launched an investigation into Power Home Solar/Pink Energy after complaints regarding the company’s allegedly deceptive business practices. The Attorney General’s office says Pink Energy closed its doors and filed for bankruptcy on October 7, 2022.

“Pink Energy ripped off consumers and is hiding behind bankruptcy,” said Attorney General Shapiro. “Lenders who want the solar power sector to grow should help consumers obtain relief now, while Pink Energy’s bankruptcy process continues. Consumers made good-faith choices to heat and power their homes and should not be trapped in loans for a product that wasn’t delivered.”

In the letter, Attorney General Shapiro explained that many of the complaints received by his office allege that Pink Energy made “false representations regarding the systems’ capabilities and anticipated electric bill reduction.”

As a result, consumers “who were led to believe they were making an environmentally friendly and financially prudent decision by purchasing a solar power system from Pink, are now stuck making loan payments for an underperforming or non-functioning solar power system on top of their monthly electric bill.”

Other states who joined Shapiro in the joint letter were Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia.

In September, abc27 Investigators spoke with a York County woman who said her electric bills nearly tripled after she purchased solar panels from Power Home Solar, also known as Pink Energy, in 2021.

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The abc27 Investigators reached out to Pink Energy in September but they did not respond.