(WHTM) — The cost of heating your home is expected to increase as Pennsylvania residents prepare for the winter months.

According to the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission, companies are adjusting their seasonal energy prices ahead of the winter weather.

The “price to compare” (PTC) averages 40% to 60% of the customer’s total utility bill. However, this percentage varies by the utility company and by the levels of individual customer usage.

Beginning Dec. 1, electric distribution companies report the following changes in their PTCs for residential customers: 

  • Citizens Electric, up from 9.3667 cents to 12.2259 cents per kWh (31%);
  • Duquesne Lightestimated increase from 9.36 cents to 11.25 cents per kWh (20.2%);
  • Met-Ed, up from 9.397 cents to 10.303 cents per kWh (10%);
  • PECO, up from 8.508 cents to 9.855 cents per kWh (15.8%);
  • Penelec, down from 10.021 cents to 9.889 cents per kWh (-1%);
  • Penn Power, up from 10.348 cents to 10.511 cents per kWh (2%);
  • Pike Co. Light & Power, Dec. 1 PTC not finalized – currently at 12.8994 cents per kWh;
  • PPL, up from 12.366 cents to 14.612 cents per kWh (18%);
  • UGI Electric, no PTC change on Dec. 1 from the current 12.903 cents per kWh;
  • Wellsboro Electric, up from 9.592 cents to 12.816 cents per kWh (34%); and
  • West Penn Power, up from 8.306 cents to 8.517 cents per kWh (3%).

The following natural gas distribution companies (NGDCs) report PTC changes for residential customers: 

  • Columbia Gas of PA, up from $0.32613 to $0.7457 per therm (128%);
  • National Fuel Gas, down from $0.9038 to $0.8778 per Ccf (-2.9%);
  • PECO, down from $0.8346 to $0.8179 per Ccf (-2%);
  • Peoples Natural Gas Co., down from $8.713 to $8.1342 per Mcf (-6.6%);
  • Peoples Gas Co. LLC, down from $8.713 to $8.1342 per Mcf (-6.6%):
  • Philadelphia Gas Works (PGW), down from $0.9381 to $0.8999 per Ccf (-4.2%):
  • UGI Utilities, up from $0.85979 to $0.86063 per Ccf (1%); and
  • Valley Energy, up from $0.41748 to $0.82047 per Ccf (96.5%).

Changes in the purchased gas costs for PECO, PGW, and UGI Utilities are anticipated on Dec. 1. Any adjusted prices for those utilities will be available soon.

Gas and electric utility companies are required to procure energy at the lowest possible cost.

Pennsylvanians can apply for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program and other public assistance programs online at www.compass.state.pa.us or by phone at 1-866-550-4355.

The Public Utility Commission says consumers can manage their energy usage by paying attention to their thermostats, servicing their furnaces, installing ceiling fans, insulating leaks, and resetting their water heater thermostats.