Nurses rallied at the state Capitol on Tuesday to call for limits on the number of patients they can be asked to care for in Pennsylvania hospitals.

The nurses support House Bill 867 and Senate Bill 450, proposals that would set limits on nurse-to-patient ratios.

The nurses say safe staffing laws would improve patient care and safety.

Sen. Maria Collett (D-Bucks/Montgomery) is a nurse and has seen firsthand the impact inadequate staffing can have on patient care.

Make no mistake, we are in a crisis here, Collett said. We need to make sure that we’re legislatively mandating staffing ratios so that our patients and our caregivers have the appropriate limits so they’re providing the care that needs to be provided.

As a new nurse in York, Debbie Vandover is seeing experienced nurses leaving.

A lot of them are leaving because they’re getting burned out, Vandover said. They’re getting overwhelmed because the number of patients they’re being asked to take are more than is safe to handle and provide excellent care for.