(WHTM) — Communities across Pennsylvania that are struggling with homelessness will soon get millions of dollars. Some of that money is coming to the Midstate.

For the most vulnerable in Pennsylvania, help is on its way. Federal funds, $5.8 million to be specific, are being given to Pennsylvania through the Emergency Solutions Grant Program.

“It’s a really important resource to serve the most vulnerable,” said Darrel Reinford, executive director at Christian Churches United.

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Both Cumberland and Dauphin Counties are expected to receive more than $200,000.

“The funding through the emergency solutions grant program can be used in a number of different areas,” Reinford said.

Street outreach and emergency shelters are a few examples of areas this money could go towards.

“But the two areas that we really focus on for that is homeless prevention and also with what’s called rapid rehousing. And rapid rehousing enables us to help folks who are homeless, either on the streets or in shelters, get into another apartment that can hopefully be permanent housing for them,” said Reinford.

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With winter just around the corner, local leaders say these funds are more important than ever.

“There’s going to be an extra effort and trying to keep them, you know, in their home, and make sure nobody falls through the cracks,” said Rick Vilello, deputy secretary of community affairs.

Officials are also hoping the funds do more than help the homeless.

“We’re really concerned with people that, you know, fall behind on their bills, can’t pay the fuel bill can’t pay rent,” added Vilello.

Ultimately, leaders hope the money will address the problem at its core.

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“We want to try to help folks that are not only homeless, but also dealing with a lot of other issues and concerns like health issues, mental health, and those sorts of things,” concluded Reinford.