HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Veterans Outreach of Pennsylvania is breaking ground for its Tiny Homes Village in Harrisburg to serve dozens of homeless veterans.

After three years of fundraising, officials finally broke ground on the project Monday morning. Veterans Grove is right along Front Street in Harrisburg, which is near PennDOT’s Riverfront Building in Harrisburg.

There will be 15 tiny homes and a community center for veterans to give them a temporary place to stay as they work to get back on their feet.

Inside the homes, you will find a full bedroom and bathroom. The community center will include a dining hall kitchen, showers, and a mediation room.

The non-profit Veterans Outreach of Pennsylvania has been leading the project. They say an estimated 35 veterans are homeless in the Harrisburg area. On any given night, this village is a chance to change the lives of veterans who spent their lives protecting us.

“It’s to give them the dignity the empowerment that they want that they need that they deserve Anybody who is in the military and went to sacrifice their life for our freedom deserves better so we’re giving them a hand up to help them so they can transition back into society and then have a purpose and come back and maybe be a mentor and give back and be a great citizen,” Co-founder of Veterans Outreach of Pennsylvania Tom Zimmerman said.

Veterans Outreach of Pa. set a goal to raise $4 million. They said they are very close and able to start construction. The plan is to get veterans in the homes by the start of the year.