HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Pennsylvania’s longest-tenured congressman has a new job in Washington D.C., and Pennsylvania farmers could benefit greatly from it.

Glenn “GT” Thompson (R) from State College will be the first Pennsylvanian to act as the chairman of the Agriculture Committee since 1855.

“It’s an industry that touches the lives of American families more on a daily basis than any other,” said Thompson.

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Thompson’s significant victory is undermined by the fact that agriculture is Pennsylvania’s number one industry, accounting for one out of seven jobs in the Commonwealth.

“When you look at the part of the economy that agriculture is, it’s pretty significant,” Thompson added.

Thompson is now set to take control of the 2023 Farm Bill as it goes through Congress. The bill is estimated to cost $1.3 trillion.

“It’s the second most important piece of legislation for agriculture, not just the agricultural industry but also for rural America, that we do and I would say it’s important for every American family no matter what’s your zip code or where you live,” Thompson said.

Thompson’s win also highlights Pennsylvania’s prominent seat in the agricultural field.

“It means that his priorities help lead the way and so farming in the western part of the country is different than farming here, so our voice and what we need to help Pennsylvania agriculture will definitely be at the forefront in the House,” said Christopher Nicholas of Eagle Consulting.

Thompson pledged to serve Pennsylvania and the United States as a whole.

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“Anything in rural America, or as I like to call it essential America, today, cause these are all the things we provide today that are essential to every American family and every Pennsylvania family, is really in the jurisdiction of the farm bill and the agricultural committee,” Thompson said.

Thompson will host a nationwide public listening tour to help shape the Farm Bill. The first tour stop will be at the Pennsylvania Farm Show on Jan. 7, 2023.