SHERMANS DALE, Pa. (WHTM) — Peggy Gorman of Shermans Dale is one of the thousands of people who purchased solar panels from a solar energy company based in North Carolina, called Pink Energy. That company has now closed its doors, leaving many consumers asking where they can turn for help.

“I am really disgusted,” said Peggy Gorman.

Gorman purchased solar panels from Power Home Solar, also known as Pink Energy, in 2021. She was told the solar panels would save her money on her electric bill. That didn’t happen.

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“My bills have practically tripled,” said Gorman. “July was $247, August was $267 and on top of that I have to pay the $241 a month to the loan company.”

Gorman says she’s on the hook for a $62,000 loan for solar panels that she says don’t work.

“Now I have these things on my roof that keep going in and out,” said Gorman.

Pink Energy is blaming a “faulty” part made by a company called Generac. Pink Energy’s CEO, has called on Generac to recall that part and Pink Energy is suing Generac over the issue.

The abc27 Investigators reached out to both Pink Energy but they did not respond.

Generac responded with the following statement:

“We understand that consumers are frustrated with Pink Energy and their inaction. However, Generac remains committed to our customers. Customers with questions about the Generac components of their solar systems can reach out to or 1-800-396-1281 for assistance. 

We ask for your patience as we work to assist customers as quickly as possible.”


Pink Energy is also under investigation in other states, including Missouri, over allegations the company violated consumer protection laws.

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“I roll with the punches but I am kind of pissed off, so are most people,” said Gorman.

The Pa. Attorney General’s office would not confirm if it was investigating Pink Energy. It did say if any consumers feel that they have been harmed by Pink Energy they should file a complaint with the Bureau of Consumer Protection.