PERRY COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM) — A unique house in Perry County is on the market and the owner says whoever buys it is getting more than just a home.

Church Road in Blain, Pennsylvania, is home to a church but number 56 is not it. While it was originally built as a church in 1896, for the last three years, it has been home for Barbara Houggati and her husband — her dream home.

“I always thought wouldn’t it be nice to live in a beautiful old building?” Houggati said.

At first sight, she said she fell in love, particularly with the stained glass windows. However, when Houggati bought the building in 2019, it was a mess.

“This had been empty for about two or three years,” she said. “The ceilings had collapsed and were just laying on the floor, you couldn’t even walk across the floor.”

She soon got to work.

“I had already started washing the windows, which were absolutely filthy, I don’t think they had ever been washed in 125 years,” Houggati said.

Houggati hired contractors and builders to carry out her vision for the home, but as she transformed the building into a house, she did not want to lose the church.

“I told my builder, I want you to save as much of the original things as possible,” she said.

Houggati saved the pulpit, the piano and the bell tower — with the original bell — and most importantly, the windows.

“About two in the morning, you’ll see that moon going right in front of the windows in the bedroom. It’s just breathtaking,” she said.

However, Houggati says that is all just what you can see.

“This building has been more than just a church. It was the town library, it was the GAR (Grand Army of the Republic) post for Samuel Baker. A meeting place for the community,” she said.

There is over a century of memories she wanted to preserve.

“It’s just so sad when you see some of these buildings just boarded up,” she said, recalling when she first bought the building, “mold was starting to take over.”

Now, Houggati is retired, moving closer to her husband’s job and the house is for sale.

Barb “It was so peaceful, just so beautiful,” she said.

Houggati — and maybe the building — are waiting for the right person to fall in love.

“I know my buyer’s out there somewhere,” she said. “You’re not just getting a home, you’re buying a part of the town’s history.”

The house is currently listed for $245,000. The price includes some furniture Houggati is leaving behind.