HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Police in Dauphin County are reminding drivers to be aware of dirt bike riders on streets.

Harrisburg police say that illegal activity happens every year when the weather starts to get warm. Police also say it is not only happening in the city, but it also occurred in Lower Paxton Township, when an officer attempted to stop four dirt bike riders.

One of the riders, Curtis Jayron-Malik Sims, was arrested after he assaulted the officer. The other three suspects circled the patrol car and damaged it.

Police are reminding everyone not to engage with dirt bike riders.

“If you’re on a roadway and they come up behind you, honestly, just pull over and let them pass. Be more on the defensive side of the driving and not the offensive,” Harrisburg Bureau of Police  Lieutenant Kyle Gautsch said.

 Lieutenant Gautsch also said to let the police know if you see where dirt bikes are stored, or where the riders gather.