YORK COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM) — Pennsylvania State Police have identified two juveniles who they say were involved in multiple incidents of rocks being thrown from overpasses in York County. Police say both the identified suspects and their families are cooperating with the ongoing investigations.

According to State Police, the four incidents happened on October 1, October 8, October 21, and October 26. In total, six cars were damaged.

“This is the first since I’ve been here at York, in over eight years, that we’ve had it consistently on the same bridge,” Trooper James Grothey, spokesperson for PSP Troop J in York, said.

In the incident from October 8, police said they received a report of a rock through a windshield on I-83 South in Fairview Township just after 1 a.m. Police said an investigation revealed that “the only plausible way” that this could have happened was that the rock had been dropped or thrown from the Pleasantview Road overpass.

Police said no injuries were reported as a result and that the driver was transported home.

“And with a vehicle traveling that fast, it’s only a matter of time until somebody’s seriously injured or killed,” Grothey said.

Police said the incident that happened on October 21 was similar. This time police said they received a report just after midnight in Fairview Township of a victim’s vehicle being struck by a “soft ball” sized rock that was thrown from the Reeser’s Summit Overpass on Interstate 83 at mile marker 37.9.

According to police, the rock entered the vehicle through the windshield and nearly hit the victim.

“It went through almost the driver’s side and luckily, the rock kind of got ricocheted and landed in the passenger’s seat,” Grothey said.

After the fourth incident on October 26, PSP decided to release surveillance video and photos of the suspects, asking people to share it on social media, hoping the community could help identify the two young men.

“Somebody is going to recognize the kids or the juveniles that we believe they are in these videos and come forward and call us,” Grothey said.

That is exactly what happened. After releasing the video, PSP received multiple tips and were able to find the two suspects. No arrests have been made, and police say the suspects and their families are cooperating, but both could still face multiple charges.

“The main charge that you’re looking at is propulsion of missiles onto a highway or into a vehicle, which can be up to a felony charge,” Grothey said.

Grothey added the suspects could face additional charges like Criminal Mischief and Recklessly Endangering Another Person.