(WHTM) – A prescribed fire is underway at Michaux State Forest.

The state forest says they will be burning 162 acres in the Canada Hollow area on November 16.

Due to the fire, Canada Hollow Trail and Canada Hollow Road will be closed on Nov. 16 and 17.

Those in the area, including hunters, riders, and visitors, are asked to void the area.

“We recognize that the timing may not be ideal for some forest user activities, however, we have a very narrow timeframe during the year when temperature, wind, and humidity conditions permit us to safely meet the goals of a prescribed burn,” said a post on the state forest’s Facebook.

The goal for the prescribed burn is to reduce less desirable competing vegetation and encourage the growth of plants such as pitch pine, oak, blueberry, huckleberry, and warm-season grasses.

According to abc27 Chief Meteorologist Eric Finkenbinder, a temperature inversion trapped the smoke near the surface, creating a high AQI index. A temperature inversion is warm air aloft traps cool air air the surface. Air cannot rise and, therefore, remains stagnant or trapped.