SWATARA TOWNSHIP, Pa. (WHTM) — Approximately 100 residents near Highland Street in Swatara Township can return home after being evacuated when a construction crew hit a gas line with a backhoe.

The break near the 500 block of Highland Street near the intersection with Cumbler Street led to a 300-foot radius evacuation zone around the break. Officials assisted elderly residents and a daycare with 30 children evacuate the scene.

Swatara Township Fire Chief Michael Ibberson said “everyone worked very well together” to manage the evacuation and response.

“We had a great unified command system set up with police, fire, EMS, all the utilities, and our township EMA was also here.”

Sheryl Offer lives on the block and said she could notice the smell inside her home.

“I came out and mentioned to my husband that I smelled gas in the house and the next thing you know Swatara Police are knocking on the door saying get out.”

Swatara Township Police say there are no reported injuries and that while the road has been reopened people should avoid it due to UGI work in the area.

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