HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — A federal judge has just tightened the conditions on Riley Williams’ release, ordering her internet access restricted after the Justice Department raised concerns about her efforts to delete her accounts and encourage others to delete messages as well.

“This is a person who is motivated to, and knows how to, tell people to destroy records.” federal prosecutor Mona Sedky said. “We have evidence that Ms. Williams was instructing one of her discord associates to delete messages, and those messages had to do with the capital riot events.”

Magistrate Judge Zia M. Faruqui said Williams’ case was “like nothing else” he had seen, and ordered her cut off from all devices with internet access and limited her to a flip phone. She is allowed to use her mother’s iPad and phone under monitoring only to communicate with her attorney and to receive mental health counseling. The smart TV in the home must remain off.

“It’s very troubling conduct in the criminal complaint, frankly something like nothing else in the cases that we’ve seen so far,” Judge Farouki said. “I think we have to have limitations on internet access.”

Williams’ attorney had asked the judge not to restrict her internet access, arguing that her deletions “were not with any intent of obstructing.”

Williams’ next court date is March 26 at 1 PM.