HARRISBURG, Pa, (WHTM) The Salvation Army Harrisburg is changing gears to tackle COVID-19 with a drive-through food delivery system.

“The Salvation Army had switched to our emergency services mode. To one, limit contact and also keep our staff safe and the clients we serve safe, but to also make sure people get the items they need,” said Kathy Anderson-Martin, Director of Resource Development, at The Salvation Army Harrisburg Capital City Region.

Nancy from Middletown asked a friend to drive her to The Salvation Army Harrisburg’s  29th Street location in the city.

“I really needed some stuff,” Nancy said from a vehicle stopped a safe distance away. There was plenty to pack in the vehicle.

” We have a pre-packed box from the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank, frozen meat, fresh produce, fruits and vegetables, milk, eggs and butter. So lots of good stuff.” Anderson-Martin said.

Something good during a stressful time.  “I’ve never had to go through anything like this, I’ve never had too,” Nancy’s friend said.

Meanwhile, The Salvation Army Harrisburg is living up to the phrase: Doing The Most Good.

“During the first week, we implemented this emergency services plan. We served four times the number of meals we normally would in a week. So normally we do about four thousand meals worth of food. The first week we did 16 thousand and it’s only going up from there,” Anderson-Martin said.

 Anderson-Martin says the best way you can help The Salvation Army Harrisburg is through financial donations.https://pa.salvationarmy.org/harrisburg-pa/Home