(WHTM) — School bus companies are desperate for the state to address the shortage of drivers. On Tuesday, the companies spoke about the serious problem with the State House Republican Policy Committee.

The bus companies would like to see a federal waiver that would allow states to issue commercial driver’s licenses (CDL) specifically for driving a bus without having to learn all the technical components of an engine.

“We got to step up and solidify this as a school bus only CDL so we don’t chase away the folks, so we don’t lose the folks who drive for us and six months later leave and drive fuel trucks,” said Aaron Sepkowski, president of Pocono Transportation.

The hope is that Pennsylvania can adopt the waiver by the end of August 2023 in time for the new school year. The school bus companies also railed against the push for electric school buses. but there are concerns about the expense and lack of charging stations.