HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — A Senate committee passed a bill that contains three constitutional amendments.

Senate Bill 1 proposes lifting the statute of limitations for some survivors of childhood sexual assault, allowing victims to go after perpetrators in court, requiring ID to vote, and allowing the legislature to override a governor’s regulation easier.

Senate Republicans issued a statement on Tuesday, Jan. 10, about Senate Bill 1:

“Today, the senate rules & executive nominations committee has amended and reported out Senate Bill 1, to advance constitutional amendments for voter identification, legislative review of regulations, and statute of limitations for child sexual abuse survivors.”

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The bill passed the committee with an 11 to six vote; All Democrats voted against the bill, mainly because the sexual abuse amendment is linked to two others.

Democratic Senator Christine Tartaglione said in a statement, “The majority party has decided playing politics with the rights of abuse victims is more important than providing a window to allow accountability. I cannot condemn these games strongly enough. This constitutional amendment should be run alone.”

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If the bill passes the full Senate and House, the amendments would go to voters in May 2023.