(WHTM) – Several school districts kept their doors closed following the holiday weekend, due to extreme weather conditions. Conditions that won’t get better through the week.

We spoke to MacKenzie Christiana from the PA School Board Association and she said, “Local districts know what’s best for their community. So I think that you know districts making that decision for themselves and working with their community to know what’s best for those students.”

Students at Fairview, Fishing Creek, Newberry Elementary, as well as Allen and New Cumberland Middle schools, had remote learning days. With temperatures well above 90 degrees and a lack of air conditioning, this was considered the best option.

Christiana added, “Three-quarters of the superintendents said that they had one or more buildings in need of major repair replacement, so we know that this is a problem across the state, and we hope to work with the General Assembly to address this problem.”

Some schools in the Central Dauphin School District and Harrisburg school districts were let out early.

The Pennsylvania School Board Association still feels schools need more investment. “We know that schools are often faced with challenging financial decisions like providing air conditioning in their buildings or purchasing textbooks for students,” said Christiana.