(WHTM) – Severe weather made its presence felt on Sunday throughout the Midstate.

On Monday, more inclement weather was expected for the state less than 24 hours since trees and poles had fallen, scattered through Juniata, Dauphin and Perry counties.

Lykens Township resident Shawn Sitlinger felt the impact at his family’s home.

“I’m kinda sad to see it go,” Sitlinger said. “I used to play under that tree when I was a kid, and I sat under it roughly two weeks ago.”

It was Sitlinger’s mother who caught a glimpse of the two-century-old tree right in the front yard of the property.

“My mom was looking out the house window. She saw the tree fall over,” Sitlinger said. “She saw the tree fall over. She used the term gracefully, very slow and easy.”

Michael Colbert of the National Weather Service in State College says that tornados are not uncommon in Pennsylvania. The state typically sees around 15 tornados a year. However, sometimes those numbers could reach as high as 30.

“We are going to look for more damage reports,” says Colbert. “We are going to check out more locations.”

The National Weather Service is still conducting time and effort to determine whether the storms yesterday included a tornado or if straight-line winds did all of the damage.