LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) — After multiple shootings in Lancaster over the past week, abc27 spoke with newly-elected state representative Ismail Smith-Wade-El about the violence in the city of Lancaster.

“Unusual and troubling” is how Lancaster Mayor Danene Sorace described the four separate shootings that have happened in Lancaster over the past 12 days.

Violence has been a slowly creeping issue in Lancaster.

“In every neighborhood in the city there are people who are doing their best to go after what we all deserve, and that is to feel safe in the communities that we call home,” said Smith-Wade-El.

Smith-Wade-El, who was recently elected to the Pennsylvania State House, spent several years on the Lancaster City Council. According to him, the State House hasn’t made meaningful action on gun legislation in over 20 years.

Smith-Wade-El wants change now.

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“In my district we have seen a child shoot another child. And yet Harrisburg is under total capture by the gun lobby has been unable to pass fire arm registration, requiring safe storage of firearms,” Smith-Wade-El added.

Smith-Wade-El says the issue around violence in Lancaster is a three-headed monster. It starts with getting weapons off the streets, making affordable housing readily available, and assuring schools are functioning properly.

“We need to make sure our kids are engaged. In schools and programs that help build communities instead of penalizing punishing and incarcerating them,” Smith-Wade-El said.

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Lancaster is set to hold a news conference on the morning of Tuesday, Dec. 13, regarding the recent shootings.