Pennsylvania State Police are investigating a fatal crash between a motorcycle and an unmarked Harrisburg Police car. 

Investigators say the person on the motorcycle has died, and the officer involved in the crash was taken to the hospital to get checked out, but does not appear to have life-threatening injuries.

Police have not yet released the name of the motorcycle driver or the officer involved. 

“We just heard a loud bang,” said Brandon Bucher, who was working nearby at the time of the crash. “We didn’t even hear any brakes skid or anything…You never want to see something like this happen.”

The intersection of 2nd Street and Seneca Street in Harrisburg was full of investigators taking photos of broken mirrors and deployed airbags Sunday.

Neighbors say they saw the officer involved in the crash immediately get out to help the person on the motorcycle. 

“In your neighborhood, it just kind of throws you for a loop,” said Willie Chisolm, who also rides motorcycles. 

Harrisburg Dep. Chief Deric Moody says the officer was doing traffic stops before the crash at around 6:15p.m.

“The motorcycle appeared to be coming northbound on 2nd Street and the police car was coming on Seneca Street going eastbound,” said Moody.

Motorcycle riders in the neighborhood are unsettled. 

“We rode probably about two hours and as soon as you come home from riding, you see something like this….makes it look like, you know, that could have been you,” said Chisolm.

Harrisburg Police say traffic in the area of the crash can be problematic at times, and neighbors agree. 

We still do not know the cause of the crash. Stay with ABC27 News for updates on this developing story.