(WHTM) – PPL Electric Utilities says a technical issue led to a significant number of bills being based on estimated electricity usage, meaning some customers may have seen higher than expected payments.

According to a letter from PPL Electric Utilities President Steph Raymond, the issue involved bills sent from December 20 through January 9 with estimates based on historic usage that may have been higher or lower than actual usage.

The letter says impacted customers should have received a corrected bill with the actual usage or an adjustment to their next monthly bill.

“If you received an estimated bill or have had difficulty reaching our call center, I apologize,” said Raymond. “Simply put, you deserve better, and we are committed to regaining your trust.”

PPL says they have restored customers’ access to detailed usage footage, they will not shut off power to residential and small business customers for non-payment through March 31, and they are waiving late fees in January and February.

More agents have also been added for customers to get in contact with the company to discuss their bills.

PPL says that while they do not control energy supply prices, they acknowledged seeing an increase in prices over the last year. The price for using 500 kwh rose by $25.55 in December 2022 compared to the year prior. Customers who used 1,500 kwh saw an increase of $76.65 per month.

Customers can set up a payment plan online or by using the voice response system, available at 1-800-DIAL-PPL.