HARRISBURG, pa. (WHTM)– The Latino convention has reached the capital city for the first time ever and the people spoke with today say it’ll be the biggest one yet.

“They need to know that there are Latinos across the commonwealth then know them that see them that they recognize them, and we want to bring them along with us,” Executive Director for the Governor’s Advisory Commission for Latino Affairs Olga Negron said.

There are now more than a million Latinos living in Pennsylvania, For the rest of this week– you’ll probably see quite a few of them around Harrisburg, for the 6th annual Latino convention.

“Our mission is to empower Latinos and build release leadership development that is needed across the Commonwealth this convention provides information connections and it’s also an opportunity for all to network,” said Negron.

For others, it’s about addressing big issues in the community.

“I believe that the Latino community feels this convention is the epicenter of issues when it comes to jobs, education, economic development and when it comes to health impacting the Latino community so it’s uplifting voices that have been neglected,” Commonwealth Diversity Officer Norman Bristol Colon said.

Over the last 20 years, Latinos have accounted for more than half of Pennsylvania’s population growth, and the average age for a Latino in PA is just 27, the youngest in the nation, making events like these all the more important.

“This is what happens when we get together, we get to share their stories and realize that we’re not alone that we’re not the only ones going through these this situation, but we have to have a whole community to embrace us and we could work together,” said Colon.

The convention will be at the Hilton Hotel on the corner of Market and Second Street. For more information or to register visit the PA Latino Convention website.