(WHTM)– Veterans Outreach of Pennsylvania says on any given night there are up to 35 veterans on the streets without a home and that needs to change.

“Our veterans we feel if they’re willing to sacrifice their life for our freedom deserve better and we’re going to be that hand up and not our handout for veterans and put a program together for them to be able to address the issues that caused them to become homeless,” said Thomas Zimmerman, Co-Founder, Veterans Outreach of Pennsylvania.

Veterans Grove, the tiny home community for veterans experiencing homelessness is on track for completion in the spring. All thanks to donations from local organizations and community members.

“it’s really incumbent on us as community members to give them support and thank them for the service that they provided to our country,” said Pam Witmer, President of Government Affairs, UGI Energy Services.

Veterans Grove will have 15 “transitional” tiny homes that include a full bedroom bathroom, and refrigerator things some consider as the main necessities.

There will also be a community center giving all veterans access to healthcare, counseling, education, employment, and a number of other services.

“Many of them veterans are finished with their service they need all kinds of different support that they may not have gotten during their transition out of the service and without our veterans and our active service members our country would not be safe and as prosperous as we are,” said Witmer.

According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, more than 30,000 veterans in the US are homeless, in Pennsylvania, that number is close to 800.

“It’s the husbands, the sons and daughters these people have been overlooked for so long, and depending on how long they’ve been homeless so we want to create that through the therapeutic and clinical model that purpose and accountability and to make them so they’re proud so we can reconnect to their families so they can get back into society,” said Zimmerman.

UGI donated a pickup truck to Veterans’ Outreach of Pennsylvania today to be used as a maintenance vehicle for Veterans Grove.