Wednesday, July 15 is the deadline to file taxes after the IRS gave people more time to file due to the pandemic.

Its busy season for tax preparers across the country. This year there’s a big a push to file online, especially if you want your refund quickly. Many IRS employees are working from home so if you file a paper return you may have to wait for a refund.

The COVID-19 pandemic really crippled a lot of people’s finances. That’s why the tax deadline was changed from April 15 to today July 15.

In fact, some people may still not be ready to file, you can get more time but you have to apply for an extension today. Your new filing date will be October 15, but there’s a catch. If you owe money, you still have to pay on time or you could face steep penalties.

If you don’t know how much you owe, the IRS says to send them an estimate of how much you think you owe.

Today is also the deadline for 2019 Pennsylvania’s personal income tax returns and payments. The state is also encouraging you to file online.

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